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15 Best Duvet Inserts and Comforters of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

The bottom line: I found exactly what I was looking for in this duvet. Structure and loft without too much warmth, a solid balance of weightiness and breathability. If you are a hot sleeper but are resistant to down alternatives, this is a quality down duvet that will last a long time and won’t boil you alive. 

Coyuchi Three Season Down Duvet Insert

Tester: Audrey Lee, commerce editor

My sleep preferences: I always sleep with some sort of covering. I like minimal and cooling ventilation for summer, and I need all the layers for an extra toasty slumber in the winter.

About the brand: Any conscious shopper will be happy with Coyuchi, whose ethos is built around organic materials, fair-trade sourcing, and products that are both functional and elegant. The brand holds itself to the strictest standards of environmental and social responsibility, with constant innovations that include plant-based softeners, wastewater recycling initiatives, and circular material solutions designed to combat textile waste.

Options available: Coyuchi makes lots of duvet inserts, including climate-friendly designs, wool covers, and ones with synthetic fills. This duvet is down-filled with material sourced in the US and a 100% organic cotton shell.

Care instructions: ​​The brand recommends always using a cover to protect your comforter from body oils. Other than that, the cover only needs a wash once every two to three years (unless any big messes occur). You can machine-wash on delicate using warm water and mild detergent, then dry on low heat (even if the cover feels dry, the brand suggests leaving it in a little longer to prevent mildew from forming). Then, air-dry for an additional 24 hours to release any moisture.

My experience: From the moment I removed it from the plastic covering, I immediately knew I would like the Coyuchi duvet insert. As I mentioned before, I’m big on keeping warm in the winter, and I often go full cocoon with my sometimes three to five layers of blankets. This winter weight duvet gives me the warmth of two blankets in one without adding any extra weight to the equation. The down filling is incredibly fluffy and light, making it easy to move from one side to the other without making it feel like I’m being restricted by too many blankets. I still pair it with a fleece throw as my first layer because I just love the feeling of it when I first tuck myself into bed, but the Coyuchi cover makes my nights just a little lighter.

The bottom line: At almost $700 for a queen duvet, it’s definitely an investment you should think about before immediately adding to cart—but when you factor in the eco-friendly materials and processes, the price tag seems a little less hefty. This is also something that feels like it will literally last me the next ten years. Combined with the fact that it feels like you’re getting the extra warmth of two blankets in one, this duvet is a bedding staple I think almost anyone can get behind (or rather under!).

Quince Premium Down Comforter

Tester: Zoë Sessums, digital design editor

My sleep preferences: Because I live in Maine, having a warm, all-season comforter is essential. My ideal sleep setup includes: a fairly cool room, being surrounded by natural fibers, having a top sheet, and a nice duvet (cover and insert). I’m a hot sleeper, so I often look for linen in a duvet cover and sheet set to help with temperature regulation.