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2023 High School Basketball Preview: Glenrock Boys

GLENROCK, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – Team bonding. That’s what the Glenrock Herders have been working on in the offseason, and they believe that’s what’s going to be the difference maker this year.

Senior Gavin Zeiger said, “I think it’s pretty good. We have a lot more team chemistry than last year. We’ve been working on bonding, and we’ve been doing a lot of team activities so right now we’re doing pretty good,” and senior Mason O’Brien added, “Everybody’s loving it. We’re being intense we’re making each other that much better, it’s just been great.”

These players have been playing together for so long now, and the summer camps they went to have only helped them grow closer together.

“Smooth and even just because you know we’ve played together for years and our relationship has only grown even more since the past year, so right now we’re all kind of connected,” said senior Charles Schowengerdt.

After returning to 3A last year, the herders feel more prepared for the teams that they squared off against last season.

Head coach Shawn Huxtable said, “Yeah, I think the kids are going to be ready. We know who our competition is, 22 miles down the road we have Douglas, we go up the road we have Buffalo. And you know you got good teams that are going to be growing and better in Wheatland and Rawlins. So, our region’s going to be competitive this year and it’ll be fun.”

They finished their year with an overall record of 9-13 and placed second in their quadrant. Glenrock wasn’t able to make the state playoffs last year, after they were eliminated in the final day of regionals. Despite the outcome this group is motivated and hungry to punch their tickets this season.

Gavin said their goal this year is, “Making it to state. I feel like that’s what we’re aiming for and winning state, but making it is step first that’s where we got to be. So, I think we have a really good chance of doing that.” while Charles said, “My personal goal is to make it to state, and the team’s goal is to win a game at state.”

The herd lost Logan Jones as the sole senior from last year’s team, but he managed to be the top scorer in the 3a conference. He averaged 16 a game and was the herders best offensive asset. Despite losing him they are bringing back every other player from last season, and they want to balance the floor more.

“There’s going to be a lot more… A lot more love between us. We’re going to be good, we’re going to be a very solid bunch of people,” said Mason, while Gavin added, “I think other teams should be scared. I think we’re going to be the team that when teams see us on the schedule, they’re like done.”

It’s been an uphill battle for the herders, but they want to continue to improve.

Coach Huxtable said, “You know depending on how our season goes like last year we had a 3-win season going into last year, we get 9 wins, and we moved up to 3A. This year we’re trying to bump that, you know hey our goals going to be 12-15 wins. If we get to that point, I think we’ll set ourselves up good at regionals, and then also ready for state competition playing the west side. So, I’m really excited, I know the kids are and we’re ready to get rolling next Friday.”

They get their season started on December 8th as they open with the coal miner classic.