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Astrologer shares five ‘kindest’ zodiac signs

In Western , there are 12 signs all with different characteristics and personality traits. Some signs are more kind, empathetic and compassionate than others.

According to experts at Astro Talk, people are “inherently selfish” and many of us lack the core virtue of being kind.

However, this is simply not true of Pisces, Libra, Virgo, Gemini and Leo, who beat out all the other star signs when it comes to kindness.

According to astrology, these signs will do whatever it takes to “make life easy for everyone”.

Those who have a Pisces, Libra, Virgo, Gemini or Leo in their life should “hold on to them” tight – you may learn a thing or two.

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According to Western astrology, is the “kindest” of all 12 zodiac signs – “nothing short of angels on Earth”.

Selfless to the core, Pisces will take on a heavy workload so another person doesn’t have to.

Pisces is lovely to people and animals alike, the sign most likely to pick up stray dogs and cats or help the less fortunate.

“It goes without saying that having a Pisces in your life is as good as striking gold.”

People tend to go to Pisces for help because they are great listeners and are also “intuitive”, very good at understanding complex human emotions.

is the second kindest sign, according to astrology, and they tend to live by the motto “kill them with kindness”.

Libra wants to make the world a better place and sees the bigger picture when it comes to all things.

They’re even happy to “sacrifice their own happiness” for the greater good, which is an amazing trait.

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is the “sweetest” of all the signs and will do whatever they can to make life easier for others.

Whether you have been their friend for years or are a complete stranger, Virgo will be the first person to offer a helping hand or listening ear.

Their “selflessness is their best trait”, but that doesn’t mean they are easily manipulated – Virgo is indeed very sweet, but they are certainly not stupid.

is very “affectionate”, so they’re one to go for for a big hug, although this sign is not totally selfless with their kindness – they want it in return.

Leo “craves” good friends and good partners, doing anything and everything to keep them around.

This zodiac sign makes it their business to “treat others exactly how they want to be treated”.