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Bettor can hit $5 parlay for $680K if NFL awards show goes his way

The NFL Honors show at Resorts World on Thursday will be a memorable night for the award winners.

It also might be a life-changing experience for Martwon Weaver, a FanDuel bettor from Arizona who has a $5 parlay that will pay $680,955 if things go his way.

Weaver (@Martron_81) placed the parlay in May 2023 composed of five improbable award winners that will pay off at astronomical odds of more than 136,000-1 if all of their names are called.

Here are the five legs and their odds when he placed the bet:

— Lamar Jackson to win MVP, 15-1

— C.J. Stroud to win Offensive Rookie of the Year, 7-1

— Christian McCaffrey to win Offensive Player of the Year, 18-1

— Myles Garrett to win Defensive Player of the Year, 7-1

— Jalen Carter to win Defensive Rookie of the Year, 6-1

Heading into NFL Week 18, all five players were betting favorites to win those awards. Jackson was -20,000, Stroud was -850, McCaffrey was -360, Garrett was -220 and Carter was -125.

With the Defensive Rookie of the Year award a virtual toss-up between Eagles defensive tackle Carter and Texans defensive end Will Anderson, Weaver has been trying to sell the ticket to lock in a profit on WagerWire — a marketplace where bettors can buy and sell previously placed sports bets.

But, as of Wednesday evening, Weaver still hadn’t sold the wager, which was put on sale Jan. 5 for $181,106.

“I’m confident that my bet could hit,” Weaver, 31, told the New York Post. “I’m feeling good. But if we could sell it, that would be good also, so we can take the ‘if factor’ out of it.”

He can’t cash out on the wager because sportsbooks don’t offer that option with awards betting.

According to the Post, Weaver was working as a commercial truck driver two years ago when he suffered a seizure while he was driving and got in a bad accident. After the accident, he moved back in with the grandmother who raised him.

If he sells the ticket, he plans to start his own business. If he cashes the ticket, he said it would be life-changing.

“I’d pay my grandma, I think she owes about $60,000 left on her house,” he told the Post. “She raised me, I lost both of my parents. I’d probably pay my grandma off and give back to her, get a car and still get a truck in there and make more money with it.

“If it doesn’t win, we just get to work. I’ve been cleared for about a month now, we just get back to work, like a normal day — nothing changes.”

Weaver said he’ll be in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl and will watch the NFL Honors with WagerWire founders Travis Geiger and Zach Doctor.

“It’s tough to sell. It’s hard to sleep just anticipating all of this. It’s nerve-wracking,” Weaver said. “I definitely want to ride it, I don’t want to act like I want to give up, but at the same time, I gotta be smart.”

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