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Bye-bye boom gates as level crossings gone for good

  • Boom
    gates at 12 notorious Armadale Line level crossings closed for the last time
  • Level
    crossing removals part of major transformation of Armadale Train Line
  • Seven
    new stations will be constructed, including Byford’s first train station, and
    new stations as part of the Thornlie-Cockburn Link
  • A total
    of 5.5km of rail will be elevated, opening up six hectares of new public open
  • Upgrades
    improve safety, reduce congestion, and revitalise the local area
  • The
    combined works are one of the largest transport infrastructure projects Perth
    has ever seen

Boom gates at 12
notorious level crossings have closed for the last time, with a major
transformation of the Armadale Train Line now underway.

The upgrades will
see seven new stations built, including in the suburb of Byford for the first
time, a total of 13 level crossings removed (Thomas Road over rail already
delivered), 5.5km of elevated rail constructed and six hectares of new public
open space created.

Thornlie-Cockburn Link will also be delivered in parallel with the Armadale
Line upgrade, which will see Perth’s first east-west connecting rail between
the Mandurah and Armadale Lines, and two new stations built at Nicholson and
Ranford Road.

The combined works
represent one of the biggest public transport infrastructure projects Western
Australia has ever seen.

Among the level
crossings being removed during the upgrades are:

  • Mint
    Street (boom gates down for 4 hours and 29 minutes
    each day)
  • Oats
    Street (boom gates down for 6 hours each day)
  • Welshpool
    Road (boom gates down for 4 hours and 28 minutes each day)
  • Hamilton
    Street (boom gates down for 4 hours and 33 minutes each day)
  • Wharf
    Street (boom gates down for 7 hours and 17 minutes each day)
  • Williams
    Street (boom gates down for 4 hours and 25 minutes each day)

The removal of the
boom gates from the 12 level crossings will be among the first works completed.

Other essential
works being delivered in the first few weeks include the decommissioning and
removal of tracks and other infrastructure within the rail corridor, and the
demolition of old stations that are set to be rebuilt.

Once demolition
works are completed, piling for the new rail viaduct structure will begin.

To support the
transformational upgrades, the Armadale Line will be shut for the duration of
the works.

This will begin with
a closure of the entire line to facilitate the installation of turn backs at
Victoria Park Train Station.

Once the turn back
upgrades have been completed, train services will resume between Victoria Park
and the City on November 23.

significant number of measures have been put in place to minimise disruptions
and support commuters during the shut, including:

  • Installation
    of intelligent transport systems to improve traffic flow and bus movements
  • More
    than 100 additional buses being brought onto the network
  • 12 additional
    and enhanced bus routes
  • Three
    new temporary bus interchanges in Armadale, Cannington, and Victoria Park
  • 1.2
    kilometres of new priority bus lanes along Albany Highway and Shepperton Road
  • Additional
    right turning restrictions on key arterial routes to improve safety and traffic
  • Establishment
    of a dedicated Main Roads Incident Response Service for Shepperton Road/Albany

Nearly 18,000
regular Armadale Line passengers have had six months’ free travel applied to
their smart riders, in lieu of the disruption being caused to their commutes.

Although the line
will be shut down, electricity will continue to run along the rail corridor. Entering
restricted areas without authorisation is both highly dangerous and illegal.

attributed to Transport Minister Rita Saffioti:

“Today marks
the start of one of the biggest public transport infrastructure projects our State
has ever seen – a project that will deliver huge benefits to people living in
our southeastern corridor and along the Armadale Train Line.

“This train line
has been neglected for too long, but under our Government it will get the
investment it needs and deserves.

“We will be
delivering seven new modern train stations, enhancing public amenity by opening
up the rail corridor with new open space, and importantly, removing more than a
dozen of the worst level crossings in Perth, level crossings that create
bottleneck nightmares for local communities and businesses trying to get around
the suburbs.

project is going to fundamentally change this 130-year-old train line, but we
know to reach that destination, a period of disruption lies ahead.

“We carefully
considered the options for delivering these works, and a single shut was the
best way to get the job done in the shortest, safest, and most efficient way.

“I know the
impact this project will have on regular passengers on the Armadale Line, as
well as the surrounding communities, which is why significant effort has been
undertaken to put in place measures that will make the closure as smooth as

first few weeks will likely be the most disruptive as people get used to new
ways of getting around, but my transport agencies will monitor conditions very
closely and if there are opportunities to improve traffic movement, we will.

know this will be a difficult period for commuters and we can’t thank
them enough for their patience as we undertake these
works. The final product will be transformational.”

Comments attributed to Cannington MLA Bill Johnston:

“The Armadale Train Line is a critical piece of public transport
infrastructure for communities in the suburbs like Cannington, Queens Park and

“For far too long, this train line has been neglected. I am ecstatic our Government
is getting on with the job of delivering these upgrades, particularly the
removal of notorious level crossings like Wharf Street.

“There is no question there will be disruption during these upgrades, and
I want to assure the community we will continue to look at ways of keeping
people’s commutes as smooth as possible.”

Comments attributed to Armadale MLA Tony Buti:

“The Armadale Train Station is a focal point for our community, and the
construction of a new station will completely transform the heart of our city.

“The upgrades will also see the removal of a number of level crossings
that cause significant disruption, which was only going to worsen with the
extension of the line to Byford.

“I know this project will cause disruption for people, particularly
regular commuters of the Armadale Train Line, and I want to assure everyone we
will do everything we can to minimise disruptions.”

Comments attributed to Victoria Park MLA Hannah Beazley:

“Today marks the start of one of the biggest public transport
infrastructure projects Victoria Park and our surrounding communities have ever

“The benefits being delivered are significant and worthwhile, but these
works do involve a period of disruption, some of which has already occurred. I
thank our community for your patience and understanding.

“I will work with the Minister to keep our community updated throughout

Comments attributed to Darling Range MLA Hugh Jones:

“I am thrilled that our Government is stepping up and delivering quality
public transport infrastructure for the people of Byford.

“Byford is a fast-growing community and connecting them to the Armadale
Train Line will ensure people can access the city in just 42 minutes, and
they’ll pay nothing more than a two-zone fare.

“My message to the community is that my door is open throughout this
project, and I will assist in any way I can.”

Comments attributed to Thornlie MLA Chris Tallentire:

“This project is going to completely
transform the rail corridor and connect new communities to our world class rail
network for the first time.

“Thornlie Station will be upgraded during the
works to facilitate the connection between the Armadale and Mandurah Lines via
the Thornlie-Cockburn Link.

“I want to thank the community for their
patience while we deliver these critical works, and I look forward to seeing
the significant benefits delivered.”