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Does Michael Jordan Own a Horse Track? – Sportsmanor

Michael Jordan has undoubtedly kept himself entertained and busy in the aftermath of his NBA career. All fans know what the Chicago Bulls legend managed to do in the league. He is a 6x NBA champion and has never lost in the NBA Finals. He is also a 10x scoring champion, something that no other player in the league has been able to accomplish.

Outside the world of basketball, Jordan has shown to have interests in several other domains. From golf to baseball to even gambling, there are very few things that MJ has not tried his hand in. With that being said, fans must certainly want to know if Black Jesus has ever owned a horse track. Let us take a deeper look and find out.

Michael Jordan has a history of gambling on horse racing

It turns out that betting on the ponies is one of Jordan’s favorite mediums of entertainment. Gambling on horse racing is quite common in the United States. Since MJ has always shown a tendency to take risks and gamble, it makes sense that he has been connected to horse racing over the years.

While the Chicago Bulls legend has been spotted trackside for multiple horse racing events over the years, he has not invested in horse racing and is simply a fan at the moment. Perhaps he has even made a significant amount of money betting on horse racing over the years. After all, that would be a partial explanation as to how he has amassed 2 billion so far in his life.


Horse racing is not very easy to invest in or rely upon if someone is looking to make a lot of money. Therefore, Jordan turned his interest to car racing and is now an owner of a racing car in NASCAR. To those who do not know, NASCAR expands into The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, a racing organization very similar to Formula 1 Car racing.


MJ is the owner of the Toyota Camry and signed on Bubba Wallace, a popular racer to be his designated driver. Although they are yet to see success in the racing world, we still feel that this is a much safer bet when compared to horse racing.