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EXCLUSIVE! Love Island Samie Elishi’s £15 secret for looking ‘snatched’ revealed

Love Island is a treasure trove for Really Great Beauty Intel. From cheap-as-chips perfumes spritzed by all the islanders to a super-duper setting spray that ensured glam make-up looks stayed put, our entire paycheck goes to Boots at this point.

However, if there is one beauty purchase you make this month, it has to be Samie Elishi’s favourite skincare tool for looking sculpted AF. The Islander swears by it so much, she also #influenced the rest of the villa, too. Juicy.

During an exclusive chat with heat, fellow Islander Ellie Spence dished the goss.

When asked which beauty tips she learned during her stint in the villa, Ellie replied: “Every night, Samie would use a Gua Sha on her face when she would do her face cream. She was like “My whole face shape has changed,” she is snatched. She influenced me, I definitely will do that every night now.”


We spotted Samie using the Botanics Rose Quartz Gua Sha (£15) during a self-care moment a few weeks ago and it turns out it was both a daily occurrence and (slightly) to blame for her could-be-a-Victoria’s-Secret-Model face.

Gua sha is a type of facial scraping massage you can do from your bedroom. “Gua” means to scrape and “Sha” is the redness that comes to the surface.’ TikTok is awash with plenty of tutorials on how to gua sha for a chiselled face and the results truly look mega.

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Gua Sha

Gua Sha

A Gua Sha tool is designed to fit perfectly into the contours of your face and with a few firm sweeping motions can aid lymphatic drainage, sculpt and de-puff.

Samie isn’t the only person who swears by Gua Sha, influencer Naomi Genes previously told heat, “I love a Gua Sha, I probably use it three times a week with a facial oil. I literally sit in bed whilst copying a tutorial on TikTok!”

Shop Samie’s go-to Gua Sha from Boots, here.