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Ikea is hiring UK workers for its new store in Roblox

Swedish store and home of flatpack furniture Ikea is hiring 10 people from the UK and Ireland to assist with the running of a virtual store in Roblox.

As spotted by TheGamer, this virtual store is part of a “Careers Done Different” campaign, which Ikea hopes will demonstrate possible career paths available within the company.

Successful candidates will be able to serve meatballs in the store’s bistro, and help patrons choose furniture in the showroom. As for pay, Ikea is offering an hourly wage of £13.15/€14.80 for this obviously fully remote, limited contract position.

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“With us, you have the opportunity to move departments, flex your skill and get promoted,” the application’s website reads. “At Ikea, career progression is unique because you can grow in any direction. We believe in recruiting people based on our values rather than simply ticking all the right boxes on a CV.”

To apply, those interested will need to answer a range of questions including the deeply insightful: “How do you feel about being turned into pixels?” Applicants will also need to think about what they would do if the bistro ran out of pixelated hot dogs during their shift.

Ikea's furniture showroom in Roblox

Image credit: Ikea

It is not just Ikea that is using Roblox to expand its reach. Netflix is also coming to Roblox, with the streaming giant recently revealing its “digital theme park” on the gaming platform, known as Nextworld. This will essentially acts as a hub where players can access areas, characters and games based on Netflix properties, such as Stranger Things and One Piece.

For more on Roblox, our Chris Tapsell recently spoke with the studio’s head Stefano Corazza about concerns the game exploits children. You can read the full interview here.