One of the most foreboding parlays of the NFL season should make the Detroit Lions want to secure quarterback Jared Goff up in bubble wrap.

The paraly in question involved five quarterback hitting various yardage markers, with Goff, New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow and Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence on the list.

There’s obviously a huge problem with this: Rodgers, Watson, Burrow and Lawrence have all suffered injuries this season, with Rodgers, Watson and Burrow all out for the year.

Goff is the only quarterback on this parlay who hasn’t sustained any sort of major injury yet.

Look, we’re not saying that Goff is doomed to befall the bad luck of being included in this particular parlay, as even Lawrence looks to return at some point this season after sustaining an ankle sprain on Monday night.

However, the history of Detroit football makes us a little wary anyhow.