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Jordan Spieth Earns Golf World’s Respect After His Heartwarming Gesture Towards a Fan Goes Viral: ‘A Great Guy’

The 2024 WM Phoenix Open is making waves on the internet, for the right reasons! The event is going head-to-head with Super Bowl LVIII and is carrying multiple unique factors. One of them is the return of Bud Cauley after three years! Although it wasn’t Cauley who won hearts, it was Jordan Spieth who solidified his place in fans’ hearts after the first round.

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The American golfer brought 15-year-old Sonny Sciantarelli with him at TPC Scottsdale. Sciantarelli is a high school freshman diagnosed with anaplastic large-cell lymphoma in March 2022. But the 15-year-old’s love for golf has made him fight onwards, leading to his fans coining the term ‘Sonny Strong’.


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Jordan Spieth, along with Make-a-Wish, honored his dream of playing in a PGA Tour event. The American golfer even convinced Sciantarelli to chip the ball for him! He guided him through the shot, and the 15-year-old landed it perfectly near the hole. “Nice! Nice chip. Great shot. Good work,” Spieth cheered.

This was not the first time when Spieth made a fan feel special. Making his fans’ days is something the American golfer is renowned for. He almost does it in every tournament he competes in. Be it inviting the kids in the greens to click a picture with him, be it playing rock, paper, and scissors with a young fan, or sharing a sandwich with a hungry fan, Spieth has done it all. 

The golfer’s humble behavior has always helped him be in the fans’ good books, and definitely, rightfully so! We don’t get to see a fan-favorite golfer like the 30-year-old very often!  This gesture of Spieth also garnered a lot of attention on social media and left the fans in complete awe of him.

Golf fans shower Jordan Spieth with sheer praise

After his fun experience with Spieth, the 15-year-old took part in the ‘Shot at Glory’ challenge, where participants have to land the ball closest to the pin. Recounting his PGA Tour experience, Sciantarelli said, “Probably one of the best days I’ve ever had. I get to do what I’ve been wanting to do forever.”

Furthermore, the way Jordan Spieth treated the child won the hearts of many golf fans. A fan commented, “Love to see it”, referencing the golden memories the 15-year-old will be taking home, thanks to the American golfer.

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Another fan was quick to chime in, “Love this!!!! Lucky young man going to that fun tourney!!! @jordanspieth is so sweet!!!! Looks like a good time!!!” Furthermore, a fan believed Sciantarelli would beat all the odds and carry on his dream of playing golf in the future. They commented, “I’m looking out for this kid in a few years.”

The 15-year-old was the center of attention at TPC Scottsdale. A fan notably said this would become his most cherished memory.

It could not have been possible without the kind gesture made by Jordan Spieth. It was later affirmed by a fan with their kind comment saying, “Jordan is a great guy.”


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Another golf fan openly stated this has made them a fan of the American golfer. This feeling was a mutual one for many golf fans.


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What are your thoughts on Jordan Spieth making the wish of Sonny Sciantarelli come true? Let us know in the comments section below.

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