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Lithuanian Eurovision singer says performing after Israel was ‘traumatic’

The competition has been mired in controversy surrounding the participation of Israel’s Eden Golan, and a large group of demonstrators were outside Malmo Arena in Sweden as the acts performed.

Belt took to social media platform X after the competition to share his views on performing his song Luktelk after Israel.

He said: “Going after that country, with the crowd being so intense, was one of the worst things I had to go through, I really did the best that I could in this situation … traumatic experience, wish it all ended after the first semi.”

The contest winner, Switzerland’s Nemo Mettler, said they were “really sad” during the competition following the chaotic scenes and protests.

“I have to say this whole experience was really intense, and not just pleasant all the way,” they said.

“There were a lot of things that didn’t seem like it was all about love and unity. And that made me really sad and at the same time … there was so much love here as well.”

Israel’s Eden Golan finished in fifth place after receiving an audience score of 323 points, including 12 points from the United Kingdom’s public vote.

Golan performed her emotional song Hurricane, which was reworked from a previous track called October Rain, which was thought to reference the Hamas attacks on Israel that sparked the current conflict.

Lithuania finished in 14th spot, while Switzerland won with 591 points, Croatia’s Baby Lasagna was given 547 points and Ukraine’s Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil with the emotional and religious song Teresa & Maria landed on 453 points.

Nemo of Switzerland, who performed the song The Code, celebrates after winning the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden, Sunday, May 12, 2024. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner)

It comes as Ireland’s Bambie Thug accused the event organisers of not supporting them over a row with Israel.

Bambie told journalists in the press centre: “So now that I’m free. I can talk about everything right?

“Yeah, so Kan the broadcaster incited violence against me twice, three times. We brought it up to the EBU. They said they follow up.

“They waited to the last minute, we still haven’t gotten statement back to us, allowed us to be scapegoats, allowed us to be the spokesperson for standing up for ourselves.”

Bambie, who entered with the gothic Doomsday Blue received 136 points and finished in sixth place.

UK entrant Olly Alexander did not finish last with dance pop track Dizzy, but did receive the dreaded “nul points” from the audience vote.

He ended up landing in 18th place.