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Lunar New Year 2024: Top places and restaurants in New Jersey to ring in the celebrations

Drums echo, dragons dance, and firecrackers crackle! The Year of the Dragon roars into New Jersey, bringing vibrant Lunar New Year celebrations alive! The colorful mosaic of cultures in New Jersey is shining brighter than ever before! Recent research shows a surge in the Asian population, making the upcoming Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year, an anticipated spectacle. From dazzling parades and lion dances to dumplings and festive decorations, check out the perfect ways to usher in good fortune and prosperity.

Lunar New Year 2024: Top places and restaurants in New Jersey to ring in the celebrations(Shutterstock)

Top places in New Jersey to ring in Lunar New Year 2024

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This vibrant festival, coinciding with the first new moon of the lunar calendar on February 10th, promises to be celebrated on a grander scale than ever before.

Bergen County

Situated in the northeastern corner of New Jersey within the Gateway Region, the American Dream Mall in Bergen County offers a variety of Lunar New Year events and Opera Nights. The venue is also set to host lantern festivals, mini concerts, and orchestral performances. Additionally, various locations throughout the region will host a Chinese New Year Culture Fair alongside the Korean Culture Festival.

Passaic County and Essex County

In Passaic County and Essex County, individuals keen on exploring the artistic side of Lunar New Year celebrations can visit the Public Library and Museum of Art. These venues offer a range of activities including storytelling and engaging craft sessions for children. Additionally, attendees can enjoy various performances such as the Dragon Parade, lion dance, Fan Dance, and Drum Performance, making it a vibrant and culturally enriching experience for all.

Morris County

Events will take place on Saturday to observe the holiday. On Sunday, they will celebrate Lunar New Year at Hanover Township Community Center and Rockaway Townsquare.

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Top restaurants to check out in NJ onLunar New Year 2024

  • Cheng Du 23 in Wayne: This eatery has garnered numerous awards for its authentic Szechuan cuisine, making it an ideal choice for those seeking genuine East Asian flavors.
  • Shanghai in Fort Lee: True to its name, this restaurant’s menu tantalizes taste buds with its spicy sauces and aromatic dishes, catering to Fort Lee’s diverse and sizable Asian population.
  • Hot Fish in Hackensack: A trendy Chinese culinary hotspot, Hot Fish is renowned for its traditional Szechuan fare, including favorites like Spicy Crab and Double Cooked Chicken.
  • Hunan Taste in Denville: Offering a variety of Chinese classics, this spacious and elegantly adorned restaurant features a bar and lunch specials. Established by the Hsiung family in June of 1986, it’s a popular destination where you may need to wait in line for your turn.