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Travel Inside the World’s Best Contemporary Houses

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again–we love house porn here at Beast Travel. That’s why our latest selection for Just BookedHomes for Our Time: Contemporary Houses around the World. Vol. 2–takes you inside some of the greatest houses built in recent years.

Published by Taschen and put together by the busiest man in the world of coffee table books, Philip Jodidio, the book is a follow up on a previous survey we also featured. This volume places a special emphasis on houses that cleverly adapt or reuse existing structures and materials, like Eduardo Cadaval’s theater in Barcelona, Guillermo Acuna’s playful shingle-style seaside cottage in Chile, and the eco-forward Loom House in Washington.

There are, of course, the showstoppers. One can’t help but gawk at the futuristic hobbit hillside home designed by Mino Caggiula in Switzerland or the villain’s lair that is Casa S in Punta Pite in Chile. Plus, there are the envy-inducing views at a beach house in Tofino and on Serfio in Greece. Best of all, in ranging from the modest to the extravagant, this book shows the essential truth of contemporary architecture–it’s more personal than it’s ever been.