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WATCH: UK PM Rishi Sunak takes on James Anderson during a net session; hopes for an England’s call up

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak‘s profound love for cricket is a well-known aspect of his persona. Recently, he elevated his passion for the sport by actively participating in a net session alongside England‘s senior and junior cricketers, held indoors. This event was captured and shared on the social media platform X, marking a unique moment for the country’s leader to engage in the sport he holds dear.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak joins cricket net session

Sunak’s anticipation was palpable as he geared up to face James Anderson, a cricketing icon renowned for his recent achievement of claiming 700 Test wickets. Before stepping onto the pitch, Sunak inquired about Anderson’s bowling speed, displaying a mix of excitement and humor. He even cheekily asked if Anderson would show him any mercy during the encounter, to which Anderson responded cryptically saying ‘We will see,’, keeping Sunak on his toes.

Facing James Anderson: A test of skill and resilience

Anderson bowled numerous deliveries to the Sunak, with the PM playing each one with utmost determination. Despite facing deliveries on the front foot, some resulting in edges while others found the middle of his bat, Sunak fearlessly tackled every challenge posed by the champion bowler. Even when a couple of deliveries struck his body, Sunak displayed resilience and courage, showcasing his unwavering commitment to the game without any hint of fear.

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Resilience on display: Sunak’s determined batting stint

Further during the net session, Sunak faced a barrage of deliveries from both seasoned and up-and-coming England bowlers, showcasing his determination to stay at the crease despite the challenges posed. Though tested, Sunak remained resolute until he was dismissed by one of the promising young bowlers, signaling the end of his batting stint.

Embracing inclusivity: Sunak’s interaction with cricketers

Post-session, Sunak graciously interacted with the cricketers, including those with disabilities, emphasizing inclusivity and camaraderie within the sporting community. Sharing snippets of his cricketing endeavor on social media, Sunak humorously mused, “Am I ready for the call-up?,” to which the England cricket team responded with playful banter, suggesting he may need a few more net sessions to qualify.

Here’s the video:

England’s cricketing journey in 2024 so far

While the England team recently concluded a challenging Test series in India, where they faced a 4-1 defeat, several players are currently participating in IPL 2024. However, they will soon regroup for the T20I series against Pakistan in late May, gearing up for the highly anticipated T20 World Cup 2024. Scheduled to commence on June 1 in the West Indies and the United States of America (USA), this tournament holds significant importance for England, as they seek to defend their title following their victory over Pakistan in the 2022 edition in Australia.

As the defending champions, England will kick off their campaign against Scotland on June 5, eager to replicate their previous success and etch their name once again in cricketing history.

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