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29 Emerging Female Designers To Have On Your Radar

Founder and designer Hannah Hopkins launched her debut AW21 accessories collection as part of Fashion East’s new line up, giving us giant scrunchies, hoods, pants and pouches aplenty.

Hopkins, who originally began her career in costume design, has been busy designing and creating accessories since 2018.

Known for her ‘extreme scrunchies’, and trust us when we say they’re giant, HRH has now developed into a fully fledged accessories label using sustainable materials such as recycled bottles.

On what inspires her, HRH’s Hannah Hopkins tells ELLE UK: ‘I don’t have one individual, but I am inspired by a wider community of incredible women and non-binary people making work, speaking out and changing things for the better.’

And on the future? ‘I’m so inspired by the positive response and ready to go into production so everyone can have a bit of HRH.’