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5 Media Companies in the UK to Know | Built In

The United Kingdom’s media industry is large and diverse. As one of the larger European countries, it’s a major hub for media businesses focusing on entertainment, news, publishing and much more. Additionally, the sector has expanded to include companies leveraging the latest tech for advertising purposes. These are some of the top media companies in the U.K. to know. 

Top Media Companies in the UK to Know

  • Taboola
  • Getty Images
  • BBC
  • Minute Media
  • Freeview


Top Media Companies in the UK

Taboola provides marketing services for digital media creators. Through its ​​discovery platform, content creators can generate marketing campaigns including text-based blogs and video content. Taboola then uses artificial intelligence to find audiences for the content, then displays it across a host of websites including Yahoo, CNBC and the BBC.

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Getty Images is one of the largest image repository platforms. Its website hosts over 500 million digital assets ranging from stock images to photojournalism and editorial videos. Getty Images recently began leveraging AI and now provides AI-generated content as part of its offerings. Companies and individual users can access Getty’s media library through various pricing plans. 

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The British Broadcasting Corporation, or the BBC, is a public-service broadcaster providing news programming, television and radio content. Its news operations provide independent content across multiple beats from all around the world. Its TV programming includes sports, weather, news and prime-time entertainment throughout the U.K. including Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

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Minute Media is a digital content distribution platform. The company specializes in producing sports and culture content through various content brands. It also provides a platform for advertisers to create and distribute short-form content through its network. 


Freeview is a free streaming platform boasting thousands of hours of content. Users can access its programming through web and mobile devices, but it also develops smart TV software for additional viewing options.