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Baby Reinder Makers Receive Legal Notice From UK Government, Latter Warns Netflix For THIS Reason

The government of United Kingdom has issued a warning to Netflix concerning the safety identities of the people who were portrayed in the series Baby Reindeer. Baby Reindeer is a 2024 drama released on Netflix starring Richard Gadd, and directed by Weronika Tofilska; and Josephine Bornebusch. Read to know more.

The British government has issued a warning to streaming platform Netflix following concerns over safeguarding regarding the show Baby Reindeer. With increased online searches for the real identities of people depicted in the series, the UK government has urged Netflix to review its identity protection polices.

UK Government Issues A Warning To Netflix

For the unversed, Baby Reindeer, which debuted on Netflix last month and garnered significant viewership, is reportedly inspired by the personal harrowing stalking experience of its lead star and creator Richard Gadd.

Deadline reported that the British government issues a warning to Netflix, emphasising that the streaming platform will be held to “high standards” under new laws.

A government spokesperson told Deadline, “UK broadcasters are subject to appropriate rules to ensure protections for audiences, contributors and other affected individuals. Our Media Bill will make mainstream video-on-demand services subject to similar high standards.”

More About Baby Reindeer Baby Reindeer revolves around a Scottish comedian whose life takes a drastic turn after meeting a disturbing character named Martha. Martha becomes fixated on the comedian and begins stalking him, inundating him with hundreds of emails daily, shaping the unsettling narrative of the show.

Recently, comedian and actor Richard Gadd’s purported stalker, Fiona Harvey, appeared on Piers Morgan’s show to deny accusations of stalking Gadd and related claims. During the interview, she also threatened to take legal action against Netflix. Harvey asserted that she was not approached before the digital release of the show and has since been receiving unsolicited calls and death threats from unidentified people.