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BHA launch HorsePWR to highlight equine welfare standards

BHA launch HorsePWR to highlight equine welfare standards

The British Horse Racing Authority (BHA) has launched HorsePWR, a digital hub concentrating on a communications campaign to help build awareness around equine welfare in racing.

The new central resource hub puts the Thoroughbred at the forefront of users’ minds and aims to help share data and talk about their purpose, lives, safety and risks of the sport. The hub complements existing resources such as horse racing results, and other news resources, and helps underpin the high welfare and safety standards upon which the industry is built.

The hub has seen a multi-partnership approach to creation, with BHA, Great British Racing (GBR) and the World Horse Board (HWB) coming together, with funding provided by the Jockey Club to bring the idea, to reality.

The initiative aims to help educate, reassure and inspire equine enthusiasts by offering transparency surrounding the sport’s operations with seven key messages:


  1. There are no favourites here: British racing is the biggest investor in equine health and welfare in this country. Over the last 20 years more than £47m has been spent on advancing veterinary science, research, education and welfare initiatives. This work benefits every breed of horse.
  2. We’re about pastures new, not put out to pasture: From dressage, polo, and eventing, to becoming exceptional therapy horses, Thoroughbreds go on to have a huge range of new careers after racing. Retraining of Racehorses is the sport’s charity partner and they’re 100% dedicated to helping former racehorses thrive after running their final race.
  3. If they fall, we won’t fall short: British racing has reduced the number of horses that fall by a third and fatalities to 0.2% of 90,000 yearly runners.
  4. Our horses have friends in high places: British racing works with major welfare charities like the World Horse Welfare to ensure we are always held to the highest possible standards.
  5. With great power comes great responsibility: The whip is lightweight, foam padded and designed to help the jockey guide, encourage and maintain control during a race. There are strict regulations to prevent overuse and there are significant penalties for any breaches.
  6. Thorough born & bred: Thoroughbred horses have been bred to race for more than 300 years. It’s in their DNA
  7. Thoroughbreds deserve thorough care: From the moment a Thoroughbred is born, they’re supported by a team of experts who are dedicated to every aspect of their development and care.

With data available surrounding injuries and fatalities on racecourses, and help with other areas of concern such as what happens to horses after their racing career has ended, the hub offers a 360 transparent approach to industry activity.

Gabi Whitfield, Head of Welfare Communications, Great British Racing said:

“This is a positive shift for British racing. The public want to know that horses bred for racing are leading good lives, that racing acts responsibly and in the best interests of the horse, and that all efforts are being made to reduce risk wherever possible. That’s why HorsePWR has been created. And it will cover the full spectrum, from helping rebut misinformation through to promoting the many aspects of racehorse welfare that the sport can be rightly proud of.”

Take a look for yourself here.