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Boris Becker makes case to UK Home Office as tennis icon keen to be at Wimbledon

Boris Becker has called for the UK Home Office to let him back into the country so that he can attend Wimbledon. The tennis legend won three titles there in his career and was a long-serving pundit at the Grand Slam after hanging up his racket. He would love to return in any capacity and experience the buzz of the iconic event once more.

Becker was sent to prison in April 2022 for bankruptcy offences but only served eight months of his two-and-a-half-year sentence, being released in December of the same year. The German has not been able to enter the United Kingdom since as part of his release conditions.

The length of that ban can last up to 10 years in some cases, but Becker is hoping that the Home Office grants him access back to the country later this year. The 56-year-old is keen to attend Wimbledon on the 40th anniversary of his life-changing victory on Centre Court when he became men’s singles champion aged just 18.

Speaking to The Telegraph about his plans, Becker explained: “I miss Wimbledon of course. It’s my favourite tournament, the greatest one. I’m working on all fronts to come back next year, 2025. That’s an option. But let’s see who I’m working for there, because I can’t be in the country yet.”

Becker then went on to make his case as to why he should be granted entry back into the United Kingdom, claiming that his vast knowledge of Wimbledon should put him in good stead to return to SW19.

He continued: “I’m the biggest fan of Wimbledon. I know the ins and outs as a player, as a coach, as a commentator. I don’t think anyone alive knows Wimbledon as well as I do. Ultimately you want to walk through the gates of SW19 and just smell the flowers again.”

With the prospect of a 10-year ban from the United Kingdom fresh in the mind, Becker is convinced that he will be able to reduce that timeframe and return to his punditry position at Wimbledon sooner rather than later.

The German concluded: “The 10 years not going back [to the UK] is rubbish, it’s not true,” he says. “For me, after October 2024, [I can be] given permission from the Home Office. They decide, I don’t decide.”