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Collaboration between UK Golf Federation and GEO Foundation to accelerate sustainability

The UK Golf Federation has announced a new drive to support its member network of golf facility owners and operators in accelerating their sustainability and climate action by forming a collaboration with GEO Sustainable Golf Foundation.

Fundamentally critical to the future of golf, sustainability is a key focus of the UK Golf Federation and its network of 1,200 members and the collaboration will support facilities in reviewing, improving and effectively communicating their sustainability actions and key metrics.

GolfBIC, the UK Golf Federation’s programme of roadshows, will feature sustainability sessions during each of the four one day events, to be held throughout the UK in April and May, exploring priorities for more sustainable golf courses and clubhouses, many of which directly link to business benefits including greater efficiency and resilience, better golf experiences, more popularity and fewer risks.

Additionally, golf owners and operators will be encouraged to commit to the Sustainable Golf Pledge as the first step on their sustainable golf journey, underlining a commitment to play a part in fostering nature, conserving resources, taking climate action and strengthening communities. Member clubs and facilities will also get support through OnCourse®, the free, simple and practical sustainability and climate action programme made for golf.

Sustainable Golf Scorecards with carbon footprints are available to facilities each year that they complete a review of their best practices and add key data to the online OnCourse® programme.

Richard Haygarth, Chairman of the UK Golf Federation, said: “Through our partnership with GEO, we are dedicated to supporting golf course owners in their journey towards sustainable operations. By implementing environmentally friendly practices and prioritising sustainability, golf course owners can not only contribute to the preservation of our natural resources but also gain significant benefits. Sustainable golf course operations can lead to reduced operating costs, increased energy efficiency, improved water management, and enhanced playing conditions for golfers. It’s time for the golf industry to come together and champion sustainable practices, as it not only benefits the environment but also strengthens the reputation and long-term viability of golf.”

Alan Grant, Director of Partnerships and Engagement at GEO Sustainable Golf Foundation, said: “All facilities, from driving ranges to par three academies through to resorts and championship courses can play an important part through embracing sustainability and climate action; benefitting their clubs, the UK golf industry and wider society. This collaboration with the UK Golf Federation signifies an exciting step in our commitment to support and recognise a growing number of golf facilities on a collective path towards a more sustainable future.”