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Couple swipe free meals over ₹1 lakh at different restaurants in UK, arrested: ‘Shame on you’

A couple in the United Kingdom allegedly dined and dashed at several restaurants, leaving their kid to ‘pay’ the bill. They swiped free meals over $1,200 (over one lakh). After receiving complaints from several restaurants, the police arrested the couple and charged them with five counts of fraud. Ann McDonagh has also been charged with four counts of theft. The duo is currently in police custody at Swansea Central police station.

Ann and Bernard McDonagh would often leave their kid behind to ‘pay’ the bill. (Facebook/Bella Ciao Swansea)

Ann McDonagh, 39, and her husband Bernard McDonagh, 41, from Sanfields in Port Talbot, were accused of eating meals at five restaurants within a 30-mile radius and leaving the place without paying the bill, reported the New York Post.

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When the couple recently ate at a Sicilian restaurant named Bella Ciao Swansea and left without paying a £329 (approx 34,000)bill, the restaurant put out a Facebook post saying, “To the family who left the restaurant this evening without paying their £329 bill shame on you!” They also attached a picture to their post.

The restaurant narrated the incident on Facebook, saying that four members of a family quickly exited after having their meal, leaving behind Ann and a small child to pay the bill.

They added, “The lady tried to pay with a savings account card which got declined twice, she then said her son would wait inside while she went out to get her ‘other card’. Of course, she does not return and then the son receives a phone call and says he has to go and does a runner.”

The restaurant further claimed that they had reported the matter to the police since the group had made the reservation with a “fake” number.

“To do this to anyone is disgusting, but doing this to a newly opened restaurant is even worse!” the restaurant concluded.

Earlier, they dined at a Spanish & Italian restaurant La Casona. The restaurant reported the matter to the police and even submitted CCTV footage, but no action was taken against them, reported the Metro.

“They use the same procedure with premeditation and continue to rob without any consequence,” La Casona said.

“We sent CCTV recordings, photos, and even the registration plate number. The response was: ‘This vehicle is connected to many people’,” the restaurant owners said.

The South Wales Police is currently investigating the matter.