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Drug Shortages reported across the United Kingdom – Sarajevo Times

Pharmacies and patients alike are struggling with the consequences of a growing number of drug shortages, with critical implications for those who rely on these drugs to manage life-threatening conditions, according to the latest report from the English Association of Pharmacists.

The report says the situation has escalated in the past year and has affected drugs key to treating conditions ranging from epilepsy and ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) to menopause and bipolar disorder.

It highlighted a worrying trend in the pharmaceutical environment, where drugs vital to maintaining health and well-being are becoming increasingly unobtainable.

“Patients and community pharmacies continue to be regularly affected by drug supply issues,” said Janet Morrison, chief executive of the prominent health organisation.

She emphasized that supply issues are consistently ranked among the biggest pressures facing pharmacies, and recent surveys indicate a worsening of the situation.

Pharmacies around the world have expressed concern over the unprecedented shortages, fearing dire consequences for their patients.

Among the drugs affected by shortages are key treatments for epilepsy, ADHD, menopause, bipolar disorder and cystic fibrosis.

The lack of these drugs has led to significant delays in patients receiving their prescribed medications, leading to increased anxiety and agitation.