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Eurovision’s Olly Alexander reacts as he shares bad news ahead of final

Ahead of his big performance in Malma, Sweden for Saturday’s Eurovision Song Contest final, UK’s entry Olly Alexander has revealed some bad news. The 33-year-old has been given to win the entire competition, in another blow for the singer.

Olly decided to google his odds himself and was shocked to see that he’s only been given one percent chance of taking home the trophy. After seeing the brutal odds, Olly laughed it off and attempted to make himself feel better about it.

He told BBC Radio 2’s Scott Mills: “My odds of winning are at one per cent, but that’s fine. It’s better than zero.” Following his performance of his song Dizzy at the Semi Finals on Tuesday evening, fans were all left saying the same thing after he sparked concern.

During the performance, Olly was joined by a group of hunky shirtless dancers as they danced to the fun track on stage. The singer wore a white vest top with cut outs and some red velvet trousers as he commanded the stage with his male back-up dancers.

However, fans pointed out that his vocals weren’t quite up to the mark and rushed to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their opinions.

One viewer said: “I thought we might have a chance of winning Eurovision this year because Dizzy is an amazing song, but I’m struggling to understand how an experienced artist like Olly Alexander could perform it so badly. Something went seriously wrong with his vocals.”

Another Eurovision enthusiast expressed: “Olly Alexander needs to work on his vocals by Saturday if the UK stands any chance of being on the left side of the #Eurovision leaderboard! Phenomenal staging and imagery, but very shaky vocals…”

Somebody else penned: “If Olly Alexander had concentrated less on the staging and more on the vocals it might not have been so dreadful. #Eurovision.”

Despite fans not being too pleased with the vocals, some were impressed with the staging and the clever camera work during his performance.

One person said: “Well, Olly’s vocals were a little dodgy in places, but that staging was superb. What an ending. #Eurovision2024 #uk.”

The night after his performance, Olly appeared on Lorraine as she shared his response to the criticism.

He told Lorraine: “This whole Eurovision experience is wild. Last night was amazing. It was the first time performing in the arena and on TV.

“It was just… yeah, it was amazing. I had a slight wardrobe malfunction – my mic pack fell off – and had to improvise but that’s fine. It’s live TV, it happens.”