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Fitness instructor arrested for attempted murder after ‘colleague suffers allergic reaction to chocolate’

A fitness instructor who previously featured on The Big Breakfast claims he was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a colleague had an allergic reaction to the chocolate he brought to work.

Jody Bunting, 45, said he took his “favourite” fruit and nut bar to the Derby Court Mickleover Hotel, where he works in the health club, while the woman was off sick in October last year.

He said he told other co-workers he had left it in the back room for those on the late shift and went on holiday to Morocco the next day.

Mr Bunting, who used to present diet and fitness sessions on Channel 4’s breakfast show, said his colleague suffered an anaphylactic shock when she returned to work five days later and was taken to hospital, where she spent five days in the intensive care unit.

“Five days after that I came back from Morocco and I was arrested,” he told Sky News.

“The police launched an investigation. They have CCTV of me taking the chocolate into the club and they are saying because I knew she was allergic to it I tried to kill her.”

Mr Bunting says he is ‘so scared’ of police probe. Pic: Jody Bunting

Mr Bunting said Derbyshire Police officers were waiting for him as he got off the plane at Luton Airport and arrested him on suspicion of attempted murder before driving him two hours to the Derby police station.

“It was just surreal for those words to come out of a police officer’s mouth,” he said.

“I kind of knew they were there for me. When I was on holiday the health club members warned me the police were investigating in the club and my name was being bandied around – I brought the chocolate in.”

Pic: Jody Bunting
Mr Bunting previously appeared on The Big Breakfast. Pic: Jody Bunting

Mr Bunting said “the whole thing is just an accident” adding that he is “so scared” of what could happen.

“If I did get convicted it would be life,” he said.

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Mr Bunting said the health club sells chocolate protein bars and there have been previous incidents where his colleague has suffered an allergic reaction, including a coffee morning for the Macmillan cancer charity when two members brought chocolate cakes.

“This is normal for her,” he said. “It’s just the police who are taking it so seriously.”

Derbyshire Police said in a statement: “A 45-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and wounding with intent on 2 November.

“He has been bailed as investigations continue.

“The arrest relates to an incident at the Mickleover Court Hotel in Derby between 22 and 29 October 2023.”

Mr Bunting said his bail conditions prevent him from contacting his colleague or going to work at the hotel, where he has worked since 2001 as a fitness instructor and teaching aqua aerobics classes.

The hotel has been contacted for comment.