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Fragments Of Identity | Call For Artists! | ArtsHub UK – Arts Industry News, Jobs & Career Advice

What defines our identity in the 21st century? How do the fragments of our experiences shape who we are?


The exploration of identity in contemporary art is more compelling than ever. Can viewers see beyond the surface and ask themselves why we create certain works the way we do?


Humans have been artists since the beginning of time, from cave paintings to the complete beauty of the Renaissance, to the contemporary and conflictual world we live in today. In this continuum, the concept of identity remains as varied and multifaceted as the artists themselves.


“Fragments of Identity” aims to showcase this diversity, highlighting how each piece contributes to the broader conversation about what defines us. Some artists go into the depths of personal history and cultural heritage, while others experiment with new forms and mediums, continuously reshaping the understanding of self.


This exhibition is designed not just to display art, but to ignite dialogue about the multiple facets of identity in contemporary society. It demonstrates that our sense of self is not singular but a collection of experiences and influences, each valuable and significant.


Gallery Space


Our gallery is located in the vibrant heart of the iconic Tower Bridge area in London. An elegant blend of historical richness and modern energy, our space serves as an extraordinary platform for artists and audiences alike.


Also: Boomer Gallery is proud to be among the 4,000 global art galleries featured on Artsy, the world’s largest community of art collectors.

An exhibition with us is more than just presence in a famous location and the potential for sales, it’s a doorway to the world.


Submission Guidelines:


To apply, email us three images of your work (three different pieces), each with its title, size in cm, medium, price, and a short biography of no more than 150 words. Email submissions should be sent to boomergallery@gmail.com.


Eligible media include, but are not limited to, paintings, sculptures, photography, installations, prints, textiles, illustrations, digital art, poems, Ai assisted art, etc.


Application is free, but a £189 fee (including VAT) applies for each selected artist. This fee covers an extensive suite of benefits:


  • Printed and digital catalogs, posters, and brochures
  • Admin support
  • Graphic designer services
  • Champagne & caviar at the opening event
  • Professional photographer to document the event
  • Hostess, security, and bartender services at the opening
  • Printing and framing for the artists who opt for that (printing and framing is included in the price).


We facilitate direct connections between artists and collectors and do not charge a commission. Each sale happens directly between the artist and the customer. If you would like us to broker the sale, a 20% VAT will be applied on top of your initial price so please take that into consideration when pricing your works.


Printing and Framing Support:


If you’re an accepted artist facing difficulties shipping your work to us, you can send us photos of your work. We’ll print and frame them for you at no additional cost. Rest assured, we strive to match the quality of your original artwork as closely as possible.


Frame sizes available:


1. 32 x 32 cm

2. 30 x 40 cm


A frequent question we receive is: how much should I price my prints if I decide to go with that option? We typically price a framed print at £400, but if you have a different price in mind, please let us know.


Remember, printing and framing are included in the participation fee, you don’t have to pay anything extra.


Important dates:


  • Application deadline: 3rd July 2024
  • Artwork delivery date: 11th July 2024
  • Exhibition days: from 12th to the 17th of July 2024
  • Opening event on 12th July, from 6:00 to 9:00 pm




This is a physical exhibition taking place in our iconic gallery space in the Tower Bridge district, London.




Champagne, Cocktails, and Caviar.




When applying, please include “Fragments Of Identity” in the subject line of your email.


Good luck to all entrants!