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He won everything with Cristiano and Man United, now is dedicated to horse races

Cristiano Ronaldo is regarded as a Manchester United legend for his incredible performances on the pitch. The Portuguese won a Ballon d’Or when he was playing for Man United, and the team was arguably the best in the world when he was there. Ronaldo won a Champions League trophy and also won three consecutive Premier League titles from 2007 to 2009. That Manchester United team is what many fans miss, and they hope to see their club reach those heights again. None of these achievements would be possible without the great Sir Alex Ferguson, who coached the team from 1986 to 2013. Now, Sir Alex Ferguson is a winner in another sport, of which he is very proud.

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For the first time in 15 years, Sir Alex Ferguson’s horse finally won a race at the Cheltenham Festival. ​​Sir Alex Ferguson has had two winners in the space of 40 minutes at the Cheltenham Festival. The Festival is a horse racing-based meeting on the National Hunt racing calendar in the United Kingdom. It takes place in March every year and is a four-day festival. Not only has he found success in football but now in horse racing as well.

Ferguson spoke after his horse won and was very happy with the result. Ferguson said, “I’ve waited a while to experience this. A lot of people who buy horses have never had a winner, never mind here. It’s a feeling of elation. Of course it’s not the same as winning at football, that was my life, I was immersed in that. This is what I do for pleasure, so it’s a different feeling.”

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Ferguson prioritizes football over horse racing, but he still loves this sport

Ferguson was asked if this day was his best but he said, ” In terms of horses, it is. It’s fantastic. You can’t compare it with the football because it’s a different thing because of the sacrifice of football, I just enjoy this.”