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Health Tech Solutions Group announces official UK launch

Health Tech Solutions Group (HTS Group), a healthcare provider, has announced its official UK launch. The company offers healthcare solutions, including mobile health services, telemedicine, and personalised patient care outside traditional hospital settings.

With three existing locations in Essex, Lancashire, and London, HTS Group are raising 3 million GBP of investment to activate a further seven locations in the UK and Ireland by the end of 2025, with the capacity to service over 100,000 patients per year according to the company.

HTS Group says it will provide door-to-door, secure mobility transportation services for the disabled, elderly, vulnerable people, and non-emergency patients. The company will also offer a GP service in the home that includes pathology and accessible remote patient monitoring that includes smartwatch and AI/ML-enabled platforms, to increase patient engagement and care coordination.

The company says that its ‘unique’ healthcare model provides technology and services with end-to-end primary healthcare, mobility and remote patient monitoring services without owning a hospital, clinic, or heavy assets. HTS Group says the approach aligns with the NHS’s NET ZERO mission of sustainable and zero-carbon healthcare services as well as meeting the needs of the UK market.

“We aim to redefine healthcare accessibility by leveraging strategic partnerships and cutting-edge technology,” said Founder Samit Biswas. “We are dedicated to ensuring that individuals across the UK have timely access to high-quality healthcare services, regardless of location or circumstances.

“These door-to-door transportations services redefine mobility solutions, providing a convenient, cost-effective, and secure means for people who need transport due to a disability or assisting older and vulnerable people who don’t drive and non-emergency patients. It’s more than just transportation; its about ensuring everyone has equal access to quality healthcare and promptly.”