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Henry Cavill Once Revealed Which NFL Team Superman Would Be a Fan Of

Have you ever wondered which NFL team Superman would root for? This might be an easy answer if you know where the superhero is based. Henry Cavill, a known face for any superhero fan since childhood, might’ve given us a definitive answer in 2019. Much like us, Cavill has real-world heroes too, especially in sports.

The Superman actor stands out as a surprising yet enthusiastic supporter of American football, despite hailing from the UK. In his time on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show, Cavill laid out his affinity for football back in 2019.

Henry Cavill found his way to American football with a growing interest during his time spent in the United States. As he delved deeper into the NFL landscape, he realized that he needed to choose a team, a decision not taken lightly by many fans. Ultimately, Cavill’s allegiance landed with the Kansas City Chiefs, a choice that had a deep-rooted personal connection for the actor.

Reflecting on his decision, Cavill explained that he wanted his team affiliation to be tied to something unchanging. Naturally, for someone who has lived Superman’s reel life, what better constant than a choice like the Kryptonian’s?

Drawing a parallel between Superman’s origins in Kansas and the Chiefs’ base, Cavill found a natural alignment between the two. In his view, if Superman were a football fan, he would undoubtedly choose the Kansas City Chiefs. Explaining the same, he said,

“I figured Superman’s from Kansas, the Chiefs…people in Kansas support the Chiefs…Superman would be a Chiefs fan.”

Cavill’s rationale for choosing the Chiefs reflects the profound impact that Superman had on him, much like us who share the love of sports or superheroes. It’s no news that American football is often compared to rugby, which according to Cavill is a ‘non-stop 90-minute MMA’. However, Cavill who had never been to a rugby game till the time cherished football which is only a pleasant surprise.

Henry Cavill Contrasts Fan Atmospheres in the US and UK as a Chiefs Fan

In his candid interview from Dec. 2019, Henry Cavill offered intriguing perspectives about the contrasting fan atmospheres between the United States and the United Kingdom. Interestingly, the interview took place just before the Kansas City Chiefs won their first Super Bowl LIV with Patrick Mahomes in the lead. While Cavill might have witnessed the fan sentiment as Chiefs prevailed, he already had a view about the fandom in the States.

Reflecting on the differences, Henry Cavill highlighted distinct cultural details. In the UK, particularly in rugby matches, Cavill described a passionate yet more reserved atmosphere. He added that the British celebrated by heartfelt renditions of national anthems and sportsmanship. However, his experience at American football games, particularly Chiefs games at Arrowhead Stadium was much more vibrant. He specifically mentioned the flamethrowers, loud cheers, and intense energy that captivated him.

“In England we just, you know, the teams walk out, sing a song. If it’s national or international rugby and and then we kick the cr*p out of each other right. It’s a display, you have no flames over there. There’s no explosion or no answer. Just have a whole bunch of rugby players,” he said, adding, “It’s passionate but it’s nothing quite like.”

Interestingly, this time again Henry Cavill made it as an ideal fan for many as the Chiefs were on their quest to the Super Bowl against the San Francisco 49ers.

Cavill’s comparison between the fan cultures speaks of more tradition in the UK, but American football games have more excitement and fervor. For someone like Henry Cavill, who has never been to a rugby game, the NFL fan culture might have brought him into the Chiefs’ fold.