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Hundreds of schoolchildren storm UK shopping centre and overwhelm security

Milton Keynes became a scene of mayhem after hundreds of rowdy schoolchildren rampaged through a shopping centre. The chaotic scenes were filmed and shared on social media, including a tense standoff between the children and security guards.

In one clip, a security guard is seen bodyslaming a child to the floor, before a crowd of youths surrounded him. Other clips shared mostly on Snapchat showed yobs shoving and pushing security guards and police officers. 

The eruption of disorder came on the eve of the Easter bank holiday. Thames Valley Police issued a Section 34 dispersal order following the havoc. A section 34 order gives police the power to direct a person to leave a specified area and not to return for up to 48 hours.

The force said yesterday: “A dispersal order is in place in central Milton Keynes following an incident of antisocial behaviour involving around 300 children. The order is in place until midnight.

“Our officers continue to be out and about following the disorder earlier today.

“They will continue to be in the area this evening and we will be conducting high visibility patrols.”

Political commentator Russell Quirk slammed excuses for the behaviour and called for punishment.

He told GB News: “300 kids think that they can run through a shopping centre, frightening shoppers out of their lives. It’s lack of discipline in the home and a lack of policing on the streets, and a judiciary and a penal system that is utterly liberal.

“What about the people affected by them running through a shopping centre in a stampede? There’s mothers with kids in prams frightened out of their lives, and we’re worried about the social services aspect that’s perhaps linked to it.

“How long does your solution take to resolve it? Mine takes about 30 seconds. More police, bang them up. The kids should be taken to task, not the security guard being taken to task as he was a little bit heavy handed. Come on!”