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It’s official: two of the world’s richest cities are in the UK

We’re all aware that the UK is an expensive place to exist right now. It might feel like things get more expensive basically every single day, but we’ve got some good news. Two of our cities are actually amongst the wealthiest in the world!

That’s right. According to Henley & Partners, a wealth management company, London and Manchester are both in the top 50 cities in terms of the amount of millionaires and multimillionaires.

There are more than 227,000 millionaires walking the streets of the capital, and 23,200 have found their home in the bee city. London was, unsurprisingly, rated as the fifth wealthiest city in the world (read more about that here), while Manchester (with Trafford) just made it onto the list in 50th place. 

As well as the millionaires, there are seven whole billionaires somewhere in Manchester. On a completely unrelated note, it would take someone earning the average wage in the city, £37,000 a year, 27,000 years to earn £1 billion. 

Manchester’s number of millionaires has increased by 8 percent in the past year, so it’s a city on the rise. If you’re looking to join the million dollar club sometime soon, this northern powerhouse seems to be the place to do it. Avoid London, whose wealthy population apparently actually declined last year. 

So there you have it. The UK – or at least a couple of its major cities – are doing pretty well, actually. Let that soothe you the next time you pay £8 for a pint

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