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Langer Medical announces UK partnership with Axiom Devices

Medical device manufacturer Langer Medical has announced a strategic partnership in the UK with Axiom Devices, an affiliate company of Axiom Neuromonitoring.

Founded in 2013, Axiom Neuromonitoring provides for over 45 hospitals nationwide. This collaboration designates Axiom Devices as the exclusive distributor of Langer Medical’s state-of-the-art neuromonitoring products within the United Kingdom.

By merging Axiom Devices’ expertise in clinical neuromonitoring with the technology of Langer Medical, this synergy can enhance the availability and quality of neuromonitoring solutions throughout the country, significantly improving patient care and outcomes in surgical procedures where the nervous system is at risk.

Through this collaboration, Axiom Devices will provide UK healthcare professionals access to the most advanced technologies in the neuromonitoring field. Dr. Langer’s equipment, known for its precision and reliability, will enable surgeons to more accurately monitor neural activity during procedures. This is expected to markedly reduce the risk of postoperative complications and to enhance surgical outcomes.

The partnership between Axiom Devices and Langer Medical is built on a mutual commitment to innovation, excellence, and the advancement of neuromonitoring practices. Both companies are devoted to using technology to better patient care, making this collaboration a perfect strategic fit.

Christian Hartmann, managing director of Langer Medical, said: “At Langer Medical, we are dedicated to forging partnerships that drive positive outcomes for patients. We are excited to join forces with Axiom Neuromonitoring, whose mission closely resonates with our own values of elevating patient care standards through innovation and collaboration. Their expertise in clinical neuromonitoring and their affiliation with Axiom Neuromonitoring make them the ideal partner to bring our advanced IONM equipment to the UK market.”

Dale Darbyshire, CEO of Axiom Devices, added: “We are excited to partner with Dr. Langer, a company at the cutting edge of neuromonitoring technology. This partnership underscores our commitment within the Axiom Group to provide the UK healthcare sector with superior neuromonitoring services and equipment, thereby enhancing the quality of patient care for those undergoing neurological procedures.”

By combining their expertise and resources, Langer Medical and Axiom Devices are confident in reaching their ambitious goals to revolutionise Britain’s neuromonitoring landscape, empower healthcare providers and sustainably improve patient outcomes across the UK.