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Leading UK Golf Sales & Marketing Agency Sign 500 New Members

Intuitive Edge, a leading Golf Club Sales & Marketing Agency, have just hit a milestone of signing 500 new members on their client’s behalf since launching their unique Sales Service.

This service means that not only does IE generate hundreds if not thousands of enquiries per year for their clients, but they also manage the sales process of turning those enquiries into business. A process that is often too cumbersome for golf clubs to manage properly due to a lack of resource in-house, but one that is vital for clubs to get the best results from their marketing investment.

In addition to generating new business, the service also provides real time insights from local golfers that the club may not otherwise hear and can help owners and committees make better decisions.

These decisions help grow sales, develop trust in the club, and keep members happy.

Adrian Luther, Sales & Marketing Chair at Davenport Golf Club says ‘IE have converted 44 new members in our first year together. We have also seen 32 other new members on top of that. Excluding the ‘COVID boom’ 76 new members in a year is unheard of in all my years at the club. There is no doubt that the advertising they deliver combined with the sales work is hugely valuable to clubs like ours with a small office team, and we look forward to many more years of our partnership.’

Josh Henderson, IE’s recently appointed Director, adds ‘Our sales team do a fantastic job making prospective customers feel wanted by every club they act on behalf of. People often think that sales is a quick and simple process, but the reality is it takes time, consistency, and attention to detail. To hit the 500 mark is a testament to the processes that our team manage and the relationships they build. Being the only agency in the UK to offer a comprehensive sales service, Intuitive Edge is at the forefront of helping golf clubs maximise their revenue potential in 2024.’

Utilising the lower cost per lead typically seen in social media advertising in January, an early year push has seen IE’s sales team convert 19 new members in the first month of the year for a club on the south coast, and dozens more for other client clubs around the country.

The value of IE’s sales service is not just money in the till, but in the information that is fed back to clubs, helping to shape their future.

For more information on Intuitive Edge Marketing’s services, you can visit their website by clicking here: www.IntuitiveEdgeMarketing.com