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London’s 10 best walks – including four Royal Parks

London’s 10 best walks – including four Royal Parks

There are many unsung heroes of London – one of the best of them is the Thames Path, a National Trail since 1996, which follows 184 miles of the 215-mile-long river. Without it, London would be a different place. 

It’s a resource for runners and cyclists, idlers and flâneurs, artists and mudlarks,and above all for the pedestrian. The Thames Path links the modern Londoner by the simple human footstep to the Romans who founded the city. 

Because of it, pubs, restaurants and cultural spaces have turned like sunflowers to face the river. It links to many of the walking routes set up by councils, charities, walking groups and enthusiasts, including the two concentric encircling giants, the Capital Ring and the London Loop.

Another local hero, urban geographer Dan Raven-Ellison, who turned the capital into a National Park City in 2019, has founded Slow Ways, to map rights of way and connect everywhere, London included, by foot.

Add to that the English Heritage blue plaques, which enliven many a London walk, the street art, cafés, parks, markets and huge transport system, and we must be one of the luckiest walking cities in the world.

One warning: beware mileage. By the time you’ve stopped, stared, eaten, found a loo and got lost, the planned time can double. But this is London; you can just get on the nearest bus, train or Tube – and go home. 

To help you explore the city on foot, here’s our pick of the capital’s 10 best walking routes.

The Low Line walk

Best for the backstreets of south-east London