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Philadelphia-inspired bar Passyunk Avenue embracing for Phillies takeover in London

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — JP Teti moved to the United Kingdom 16 years ago for work and then hit a crossroads. He didn’t want to do “that big American corporation stuff anymore,” and he couldn’t get an idea from business school out of his mind.

Teti wanted to bring Philadelphia’s culture, food and spirit overseas by opening a bar in London. At the time, his wife was seven months pregnant with their first child. He wanted to leave his job for hospitality.

“She told me to do it,” said Teti, who has roots in Philadelphia and South Jersey.

Passyunk Avenue was born, with its first location opening in 2018. With Philadelphia and the New York Mets heading to England for the 2024 MLB London Series this weekend, the sports pub will be a hotbed for Phillies fans.

Teti is joining forces with the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau and other brands to bring Philly to Central London.

Passyunk Avenue will host a series of Philly and Phillies-centric events beginning Thursday and lasting through the weekend.

Teti said they recreated Reading Terminal Market in London’s Waterloo neighborhood. On Sunday, they’ll close down a street in Central London to throw a South Philadelphia tailgate party for the Phillies-Mets game.

Other events include a bus tour of London and a cruise. Tickets are available online. Teti added Passyunk Avenue has other surprises for Phillies fans lined up that have yet to be announced.

“We have a whole range of things for people to do to celebrate the Phillies playing in London,” Teti said, “and there’s going to be no shortage of opportunities for people to have fun.”

Passyunk Avenue has been planning for the weekend rivalry against the Mets on British soil for more than a year.

“We have a bit of a taste of this from when the Eagles came to London [in 2018],” Teti said.

The bar began in 2018 with one location but has since expanded to three. A fourth is planned to open in September, Teti said. He’s expecting thousands of fans to visit his locations this week.

“Craziness,” he said. “Like total insanity.”

A free fan festival at Trafalgar Square

Passyunk Avenue isn’t the only gig in town for Phillies fans. MLB is taking over Trafalgar Square for a free fan festival.

The fan festival begins Friday night with a home run derby featuring Phillies legend Chase Utley (who said in 2019 he hates the Mets) and former New York second baseman Daniel Murphy. A London Series Pub Quiz is scheduled afterward.

Fans will also be able to watch both games during the Trafalgar Square Takeover.

A call for all Phillies fans headed to London

This weekend, the Phillies are trading in Citizens Bank Park for London Stadium.

Dave Shaw can’t wait.

“I usually work Monday to Friday, 8 to 5 like just a normal guy, normal job,” Shaw said. “Now I have this big diary full of timings, places to be, where to be. It’s surreal. I’m keeping a diary.”

Shaw became a Phillies fan in 2012 after attending a game in Philadelphia on the final leg of a backpacking trip across the United States. He’s come back to Philadelphia for games ever since and now, the Phillies are coming to him.

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“I’m just trying to live it, breathe it and take it all in the best I can,” said Shaw, who runs the social media fan account UK Phillies.

Shaw said the only thing to top this week and weekend for him would be the Phillies winning it all.

“Maybe the Phillies winning the World Series and doing a parade down Broad Street,” Shaw said. “That’s basically it.”

London’s calling and Phillies fans are answering.

“Everybody who’s coming over from Philly, wherever you’re coming from, bring the energy that you’ve been taking to Citizens Bank Park this year,” Shaw said. “Bottle it up, bring it to London because we need that.”