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Serena Williams Has Flair for Interior Designing, But Her UK Namesake Makes Successful Business Out Of It

Serena Williams has been one of the biggest names in the history of the WTA Tour. While she has inspired youngsters to take up the sport, she has indirectly helped a lady named Serena Williams-Ellis attain fame in the United Kingdom. Williams-Ellis is a renowned interior designer and has been in the industry for almost 3 decades. It was around the same time when Williams started building her career on the WTA Tour.

The interior designer was earlier married to leading figurative sculptor, David Williams-Ellis. The couple have three children, Hugo, Phoebe and Jack. David later married Nikki in 2017. Meanwhile, Serena currently resides in Lazonby, Penrith.

Serena Williams-Ellis was born and brought up in Cumbria. She began working at Christie’s in the early 80’s. Then she set up her antique shop where people kept asking her thoughts about furnishing. This inspired Ellis to get into interior designing.

Throughout her career, she has taken up crucial projects ranging from yachts to hotels. Ellis has led projects for Irish House, Dublin townhouse, Loch Lomond Arms Hotel and much more.

Serena Williams-Ellis is one of the prominent interior designers in the UK, who has a deep understanding of having an organized home. Ellis is open to taking up all kinds of projects and does not hesitate to go with either traditional or modern designs.

Despite sharing a common name, Ellis has not yet met Serena Williams. Interestingly though, they both share a passion for interior design. Since her retirement from the WTA Tour, Serena has been giving her time to redecorate her homes. She has an eye for art and had opted for an unconventional interior style for her home in Florida.

Serena Williams gets help in interior design for 14,500-square-foot home

In 2015, Williams purchased a 14,500-square-foot mansion in Florida. It meant moving away from Venus which she had never done. The mansion is special for Williams and she wanted V Starr to help in interior designing.

V Starr was founded by Venus in 2002 as she had an avid interest in the field since childhood. She has taken up many projects in hotels and resorts. She understood what Williams wanted at her mansion in Florida. Venus took on the project while keeping in mind it was a family place. She also built a gallery for Williams where she keeps her collection of modern arts.