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The new MG Cyberster is faster than a 911 GT3: all-electric roadster on sale later this year

This is the all-new MG Cyberster. It’s an electric drop-top sports car, and it’s going on sale in the UK this summer. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New MG Cyberster coming in the summer of 2024
  • Winner of the Carwow Most Anticipated car of the year award
  • All-electric convertible sports car
  • Classic sports car styling
  • 0-60mph in under 3.0 seconds
  • Dual-motor version could have around 530hp
  • Expected to cost £50,000

There aren’t many drop-top EVs around at the moment, but the MG Cyberster is here to change that. It’s an all-electric sports car with a retro design to tug on the heartstrings of classic MG enthusiasts.

The Cyberster’s unique market placement, combined with the blistering performance and expected £50,000 price tag, is why it’s been awarded Carwow’s Most Anticipated Car of the Year award for 2024.

New MG Cyberster design

Fans of retro MG sports cars of the 70s may be intrigued by the new MG Cyberster, because it’s been designed to hark back to classic models like the MGB GT. Granted, no MG left the factory in the 20th century with scissor doors, but this is a modern twist on the British sports car.

The doors aren’t just a concept car pipe dream either, because MG has promised that they will carry over to the production car. The sloping bonnet line and muscular wheel arches help this stand out as a sports car, as do the sleek headlights.

Size-wise, this Cyberster is quite a bit bigger than the quintessential 70s British sports car, it’s actually around the same size as the modern Jaguar F-Type. The side profile is very sports car-esque though, with the stubby rear end and wheel-at-each-corner stance making it look purposeful.

At the rear you have a full-width LED light bar, as well as some curious-looking arrow-shaped tail lights. Behind these are some big vents which, if you squint, look a bit like the ones you’ll find on the Lotus Evija. Shame they’re fake though.

New MG Cyberster interior and infotainment

This is Carwow’s first glimpse at the Cyberster’s interior. Before you all start rioting, that Tesla-esque yoke steering wheel will be an optional extra. You’ll get a normal wheel as standard.

The cabin of this new sports car is very driver-focussed, with a bank of three screens wrapping around them and a tall centre console to separate the driver and passenger. It’s worth keeping in mind that this isn’t the final production car, so bits of the cabin could be changed before the car goes on sale.

New MG Cyberster motors and batteries

The new MG Cyberster is still in development, so details on motors and batteries are thin on the ground. You can expect to see a single-motor rear-wheel drive model with around 300, as well as a flagship dual-motor version with all-wheel-drive.

Power figures haven’t been announced for that car, however it’s rumoured to have around 530hp. You’ll have to wait for an official reveal next year to find out if this comes to fruition.

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New MG Cyberster: when can you buy one?

The new MG Cyberster made an appearance at Goodwood Festival of speed last year, however it won’t go on sale until August 2024. Deliveries are likely to start towards the end of this year.

Exact pricing hasn’t been confirmed yet, however MG is targeting a figure of around £50,000 when the Cyberster hits the showrooms.

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