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Uganda UK Golf Project aims to drive golf’s growth in East Africa 

While golf enjoys widespread popularity in developed nations like the UK, Australia and the US, the sport is still in its early stages of development in Uganda. The hindrance to its expansion lies in the scarcity of equipment, a challenge faced by many talented young Ugandan players aspiring to break through to the top ranks. 

In response to this crucial need, the Uganda UK Golf Project was recently launched at West Byfleet Golf Club in Surrey. The initiative aims to provide Ugandan children with essential golf gear, fostering their natural talent and envisioning a world of diversity and inclusion through golf as a transformative opportunity.

Over a hundred Surrey golf clubs have embraced this initiative, supporting the goal of nurturing a new generation of global golf stars from Uganda. Naran Shankla, member of West Byfleet and the founding captain of Mehta Golf Club in Uganda is a dedicated advocate with ties to Uganda. Naran started the initiative by carrying clubs on his business trips to gift to Entebbe Golf Club. 

Over 1,500 items of golf equipment have been delivered to clubs in Uganda to date after being donated by members of clubs across Surrey

The dedicated efforts of Naran caught the attention of Terry Christy (Past President of WBGC and Surrey County) and Surrey’s county golf secretary, Steve McNeil, who have played a pivotal role in collecting equipment from members of golf clubs in Surrey. The project has gained momentum, attracting interest from additional clubs willing to contribute not only clubs but also shoes, clothes, and various resources essential for the development of golf in Uganda.

With the help of a very generous offer of transporting the clubs to Uganda by Mehta Golf Club in Lugazi, that tally of the golf equipment sent to Uganda is over 1,500 golf clubs, 2,000 balls and 50 golf bags, among other golf paraphernalia. 

Ugandan Executive Isaiah Mwesige, founder and CEO of the AFRIYEA Golf Academy programme, has joined forces in a collaborative effort. Mwesige has been imparting golf life skills and sustainability education to children in Fort Portal at the Toro club, emphasizing the positive impact of golf on improving lives.  

The project is now actively seeking partners who share the same values and passion for golf’s development in Uganda, a country brimming with immense potential in the sport. 

For the next phase of this initiative the group has expanded through Mwesige’s experience to include Stephen Smith, a board member of Afriyea Golf Academy and Sports Psychology in the UK, and Gavin Robinson, a UK golf Industry professional and club manager with extensive overseas experience and fellow board member of Afriyea.

Steve McNeill, representing the Uganda UK Golf Project, assures potential partners that joining the cause will offer meaningful purpose and numerous benefits stemming from association with the project. 

He said: “Having collected 1,000 more golf clubs, bags, shoes, all of which are being stored at West Byfleet GC, and with active collection of golf equipment growing at some pace, the Ugandan UK Golf Project must find a means of shipping the equipment to Uganda. To continue with the project and to fulfill the dream of golfers in Uganda it is imperative that we find partners to provide transportation or shipping services to Uganda.” 

If you would like to help with this valuable project, get in touch with Gavin Robinson via email at gavr4@hotmail.com or call the Surrey Golf Office on 01483 755788 if you have clubs that you would like to donate.