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UK Demands Russia Halt Attacks on Ukraine’s Energy Sites

Thank you, Madam Chair. During the last Permanent Council, the United Kingdom condemned Russia’s aerial attacks across Ukraine, and since then these attacks have continued to intensify, including last night.

Energy infrastructure has been targeted and extensively damaged, leaving millions of civilians without power and water. The widespread impact of these attacks could last for months. The UK calls on Russia to cease its bombardment of Ukrainian energy infrastructure.

As a direct result of these aerial strikes, dozens of civilians have been injured or killed, including children. There has been further damage to civilian infrastructure including residential buildings. Multiple attacks have impacted health and education facilities.

All major cities across Ukraine have been impacted by the recent attacks. Kharkiv has been badly damaged, where over the weekend at least nine high rise buildings were damaged, 10 civilians were killed and a further eight injured.

Two years since the appalling discoveries made in Bucha, it is clear that Russia continues to use terrible tactics. Many of us previously condemned the double-tap strike at Odesa on 15 March which killed at least 20 civilians and injured more than 70. The first Russian missile hit residential buildings, and when emergency teams rushed to the scene, another missile struck the same location causing further causalities. Russia repeated the same tactic on 3 April in Kharkiv when Russian drones hit high-rise apartment blocks and private homes. Rescue workers were among the seven killed as the site of the attack was brutally targeted in a repeat assault.

Russia also continues to endanger lives across the region through its illegal seizure of Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. Everything possible must be done to reduce the risk of a nuclear incident. Ultimately, Russia must return full control of the Plant to the rightful sovereign owner to ensure safe and secure operation.

The UK remains fully committed to supporting Ukraine so it can defend itself against Russia’s aerial attacks, with £2.5bn earmarked for further military support throughout 2024. This includes a recently announced £325m of bilateral support to provide more than 10,000 advanced drones, and £245m to continue to provide much-needed artillery ammunition.

As part of the United Kingdom’s contribution to the international Air Capability Coalition for Ukraine, which will see allies and partners working together to bolster Ukraine’s air capabilities, 10 pilots received basic flying, ground school and language training in the UK. They will one day form the first line of defence in protecting Ukraine’s skies from President Putin’s forces. We are proud that the trainees join more than 60,000 Ukrainians who have received training in the UK since President Putin first ordered the invasion of Crimea in 2014.

Every day since Russia invaded Ukraine, we have seen the tragic consequences of Russian aggression, but every day we have also been reminded of the courage and resilience of the Ukrainian people.

The only path to peace is if Russia ceases its illegal war, withdraws all its forces and military equipment from Ukraine, and respects the will of the Ukrainian people for a wholly independent and democratic Ukraine. Thank you.