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UK’s Birmingham Airport to Remove 100ml Liquid Hand Luggage Rule – VisaGuide.News

The Airport of Birmingham in the United Kingdom will abolish the 100ml liquid hand luggage rule, ahead of the summer holiday season.

The decision comes following the introduction of new fast-track scanners, thus there will no longer be required to remove liquids from carry-ons during security controls, VisaGuide.World reports.

The new 3D scanner technology that will be implemented at UK airports will help to provide detailed images, allowing passengers to pass through airport security holding up to two liters of liquid in their luggage.

June 2024 was the deadline set by the Department of Transport for all airports to introduce the new CT scanners, however, the deadline is likely not to be met by almost none of the major travel hubs.

Birmingham will be the first major airport in the UK to abolish such restrictions.

The deadline has been extended to June 2025, after some airports such as London Heathrow, London Gatwick and Manchester expressed their concerns regarding reaching the target in 2024.

Other UK Airports Have Already Abolished the Restriction

Other airports in the UK, such as London City, the Docklands, as well as the Teesside Airport in Darlington, have already implemented the new technology.

In this regard, Transport Secretary Mark Harper previously said that these cutting-edge scanners are set to make air travel safer and easier for travelers by imposing stricter travel rules.

The UK is leading the world with its roll-out of this technology, but it’s important we give those airports yet to meet the deadline a second chance to get the job done. Until they do, passengers should continue to check before traveling.

Transport secretary Mark Harper

In addition, the Business Travel Association (BTA) also welcomed the new changes stressing that it is vital to ensure safety as a top priority for travelers.

The extension will allow our airports crucial time for a hopefully smooth and successful nationwide rollout of the new security technology and processes – which we will support at every stage.

BTA CEO Clive Wratten

From the beginning of next month, Birmingham airport will introduce more relaxed rules, according to the Times.

Security Measures Tightened Following Transatlantic Aircraft Plot

Up to this point, state liquids can be carried in containers of up to 100 ml. These rules have been applied since 2006 after police officials detected a terrorist plot to bring down at least seven transatlantic flights consisting of liquid explosives disguised as 500ml drinks bottles.

The plot was discovered by the British Metropolitan Police during an operation, thus obliging authorities in this territory to apply stricter measures at airports.