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UK’s King’s Guard horse bites tourist after she touches it for photo | Watch

A tourist was bitten by a King’s Guard horse in the UK after she touched it while posing for a photo. The woman had placed her hand on the horse’s neck and smiled for the camera outside the Horse Guards Parade in Westminster, central London. Suddenly, the horse craned its neck around and snapped at her torso.

A tourist gets bitten by a King’s Guard horse in the UK while posing for a photo.(X/Darren Grimes)

She gasped in shock, stumbling backward and nearly falling over. The incident, captured on video, has gone viral.

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A man who was taking the photo comforted her afterwards, and the pair walked away as other visitors watched. Throughout the incident, the household cavalry soldier remained motionless and expressionless, adhering to protocol.

Reacting to the news, a user wrote, “How are there still people who don’t know you must not touch them or stand in their way?” Meanwhile, another commented, “The Royal Guard Horses do not like to be touched or petted. They like people to keep their distance. I believe there are even signs that say “Do not get near or touch the horses.” Given where on her body, the horse shoved her with its nose, she should be glad she was not bitten.”

Meanwhile, in an unrelated incident, another tourist lately got bitten by a King’s Guard horse after she got too close it. Video footage shared on social media showed the horse clamping down on the woman’s arm and refusing to let go as she yells ‘Ow! Ow, help me he’s got my arm’. Another visitor then comes to the lady’s aid and gently pats the horse on the nose to release her arm.

The King’s Guard in the United Kingdom is popular for its ceremonial duties and distinctive uniforms. The mounted troops of the King’s Guard are part of the household cavalry, which comprises two regiments: The Life Guards and The Blues and Royals.