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Who Is Rahamim ‘Rami’ Shy? Ex-Policy Advisor To Obama White House Charged With Child Sex Offences In UK

Rahamim ‘Rami’ Shy is a former policy advisor who worked in Obama’s White House.

Rahamim ‘Rami’ Shy, who co-ordinated the US’s strategy to combat terrorists during the Barack Obama administration, was charged with child sex offenses in a British court earlier today. The former senior policy adviser’s trial is expected to begin in August this year. The 46-year-old is accused of arranging the commission of a child sex offense, as per a report.

The Daily Mail reported that the allegations against Shy include possessing an obscene picture of a child, which is prohibited in the United Kingdom. He is also accused of violating the law for possession of two category C indecent images of children. Shy worked under Hilary Clinton when the latter was the US Secretary of State during the Obama presidency. He was part of the US government’s plan to keep an eye on the global terrorist network including the activities of Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Who Is Rahamim ‘Rami’ Shy?

Shy is a US citizen, who lives in New Jersey. To advance the US efforts to maintain peace in Afghanistan, he was deployed briefly in the South Asian country. He aided in finalising matters of security and terrorism by sharing his expert opinion with the Nato-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).

Bedfordshire Police took Shy into custody in late February this year. According to The Mail’s report, Shy was most recently working as an executive at Citi Bank Group. From 2008 to 2014, Shy held a high-level position in the US Treasury Department, where he provided guidance to officials to prevent and put an end to the terror funding.

The Defense official also presented the US’s strategy on Afghanistan to a congressional hearing in 2010. A student at Rutgers University in New Jersey, Shy went on to study international security policy at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs in New York.