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Zara to expand live shopping broadcasts to the US, UK and Europe

Zara is set to expand its live shopping broadcasts to the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe later this year as the retailer’s trial in China continues to gain traction.

The Spanish fashion retailer, which is owned by Inditex, is investing in new shopping formats following analyst expectations of a slowdown in sales growth, according to a report from Reuters.

Zara first began hosting weekly five-hour-long shopping shows on Douyin, the original version of TikTok, in China last November, which helped bolster the retailer’s sales, according to retail analytics firm Edited. Now, the retailer aims to introduce livestream shopping to Western countries where the format is not as popular to engage with shoppers in a new way, rolling out its live shopping broadcasts to the US, the UK, and selected European countries between August and October this year.

The fashion retailer’s live shopping shows on Douyin feature Chinese models showcasing various outfits, trying on shoes and jewelry, and include catwalk sequences along with “backstage” makeup shots. To maintain control over its aesthetics, Zara has reportedly opted to host live shows directly on its app and website rather than utilizing a third-party social media platform.

The concept of live streaming shopping builds on TV shopping channels, which were popular in the 90s and 00s and called on viewers to call in to purchase the featured products. Although shopping as a form of entertainment is not new, more brands are experimenting with different formats, with Zara launching on TikTok Shop in the UK last November and Asos, Puma, and L’Oreal all launching on the social platform earlier this year.